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Amazon’s Antitrust Troubles & Anti-Competition Battle

All those cities passed over by Amazon in its so-called “HQ2” beauty contest for a second headquarters are complaining now. My prediction is that in five years, they’ll realize Amazon granted them an accidental favor. By then, the company will be knee-deep with its...

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Consumer Staples Sector Survives October’s Sell-Off

Years ago, as a journalist for PBS’ “Nightly Business Report”, I realized that Wall Street isn’t really about money. It’s about fashion. While interviewing dozens of market strategists each year, I’d watch them spin stories that would make companies, sectors and whole...

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Get Ahead of Holiday Shopping: Retail Stocks Are on Sale

Most investors are focused on the market meltdown in recent days. But they’re missing a great opportunity — and important all-clear signal — that was handed out last week amidst the carnage on Wall Street. The opportunity? The chance to buy retail stocks on discount...

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The Biggest (LEGAL) Insider Trading Mistake You Can Make

The year was 2011. The beleaguered company’s stock soared 15% in a day. And it was all because of news about a massive wave of stock purchases by corporate insiders. The CEO bought thousands of shares. So did the finance chief. A pair of board members purchased tens...

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