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1 Tip For Picking the Next Coca-Cola Stock

Today, Coca-Cola is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. But before the 1920s, it was a private company. Though highly successful and wildly popular in the U.S., Coke had lots of competitors. It wasn’t yet the renowned company it is today… In 1906, Coke...

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It Pays to Invest in Companies With Solutions to Big Problems

With the market in its current state, the best thing you can do is find the stocks that will eventually lead it out of chaos. How do you do this? First, find a problem. The bigger, the better. The next step is to find the company or the industry that’s trying to solve...

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The Future of Fuel Cells

As a former financial journalist, I know that many of the biggest and most important stories are overlooked at first. What’s happening with fuel cell technology is no exception. For example, most warehouse forklifts use 36-volt and 24-volt lead-acid batteries. These...

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The Federal Reserve Caused Investors to Flee the Market

There’s a certain residence I drive past most days on my way into work… The owner put it up for auction in recent weeks. It’s a sign of the times. The new reality of the luxury real estate market didn’t cooperate with the opulent hopes and dreams he had for the...

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