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This Isn’t the Zombie Apocalypse — Jobs Will Come Back

“The end of the economy.” “The end of the financial world.” “The end of the stock market.” There’s a lot of hyperbole being tossed around on the internet these days. But this pandemic isn’t the zombie apocalypse. Businesses will reopen … jobs will come back … and the...

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Warren Buffett Told Me Something I’ll Never Forget

When I was a younger investor, I spent a lot of time looking for what traders call the “holy grail” of financial indicators. I cycled through a whole batch of them. Technical analysis. Fundamental analysis, Fibonacci numbers, you name it. Most work … until they...

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Stocks’ Best Week Since 1974 — Here’s What’s Next

Wall Street has a new narrative: Congress and the Federal Reserve will support the U.S. economy — no matter what. We’re already seeing the effects of the latest stimulus efforts, as the S&P 500 Index just had its best week since 1974. Overall, the stock market is...

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Dow Surges 1,600 Points — We’ve Finally Bottomed

The financial world showed signs of optimism on Monday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied more than 1,600 points. The reason? Global efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic seem to be working. And economists are more hopeful that the U.S. can move past...

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