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I like to think of myself as a former financial journalist who not only interviewed many of the world’s top stock market experts, entrepreneurs and financiers, but also took their advice to heart in becoming a successful investor himself.

I studied journalism at the University of Florida, and upon graduation, became a local television reporter working in markets like the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina. In 1993, I joined the staff of PBS’ nationally-broadcast Nightly Business Report as the program’s Miami-based national correspondent and anchor. At the time, the newscast was the most-watched daily financial broadcast in the world, with a viewership of more than a million homes a night.

As the program’s roving national correspondent, I was able to help identify early investment opportunities for NBR’s viewers — companies that would go on to become huge stock market winners, including Intuitive Surgical, SBA Communications, Petmed Express, Lennar Corp., Mako Surgical (acquired by Stryker Corp.), Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean and others.

I also had the opportunity to interview some of the most famous people in the world of finance, business and economics — Warren Buffett, Michael Dell, Sir Richard Branson, John Bogle (founder of low-cost mutual fund giant Vanguard Group), Bill Gross (founder of bond mutual fund giant PIMCO), Wayne Huizenga (billionaire founder of Waste Management), Herb Kelleher (founder of Southwest Airlines), Frank Perdue (Perdue Chicken), former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and many others.

I also learned a great deal about the academic and international sides of finance and the markets. I once interviewed Nobel Prize laureate Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 prize for his work in behavioral economics, as well as numerous Federal Reserve board members like Alice Rivlin (1996-1999), and a plethora of senators, congressman and governors.

Today, as the editor of Total Wealth Insider, I am honored to use all of this life experience to help everyday Americans protect and grow their wealth by investing in safe, stable companies that offer tremendous value to investors.

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